Trade Finance

CIB Finance provides fully fledged Trade Finance solutions to your working capital requirements. CIB Finance’s flexible Trade Finance products and solutions are structured based on client’s business requirements in imports, exports, re-exports, guarantees and financing.

Trade Finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. Trade Finance is used when financing is required by buyers and sellers to assist them with the trade cycle funding gap. Buyers and sellers also can choose to use trade finance as a form of risk mitigation. 

CIB Finance facilitates issuance of Documentary Credit for its clients and manages from issuance to settlement of the Documentary Credits including confirmations and discounting.

We also offer Documentary Collections, Receivable Financing, Supply Chain Financing (Factoring and Forfeiting), Avalisation of import Collections and Structured Trade solutions.

CIB Finance also facilitates issuance of various types of Guarantees for your Corporate Business needs.

We issue following types of guarantees:

·       Tender Guarantees

·       Performance Guarantees

·       Advance Payment Guarantees

·       Retention Guarantees

·       Payment Guarantees

·       Financial Guarantees

We also arrange facilities against Bank Guarantees and SBLCs.

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